Adventure Rooms is coming to Arezzo

Adventure Rooms is coming to Arezzo with two of the best challenges in town: “The Original challenge” and “The Black Queen”.

The new venue will be the shopping center “Il Magnifico” in Arezzo, a great site that will host many events!

Opening will be on September 21st at 18:30, follow as to be updated about all the other news.

New game in Ancona: “Space Odyssey”

The space ship on which you had boarded broke down . The countdown of 60 minutes started. Everything is going to explode !
The only solution left is to complete a series of difficult tasks in order to access the rescue ship, but the trip computer is out of order and the available time is ticking !
You just have to rely on your manual ability and with the help of your crew you may be able to return to Earth !
Arrives in Ancona the second intriguing Adventure Rooms challenge ! We are waiting for you!

The second thrilling adventure is now available in Ancona. Book your game session now.

New game in Perugia: “Ready for the Big Travel”

A new amazing game awaits you in Perugia.

Finally, your long-expected holidays have come. Now you need to get ready for a legendary holiday trip. Did you pack your suitcases? Did you change your foreign money? Did you book your flights? Are you ready to adapt to other cultures and foreign languages?

In this game you will go through all these steps to prove that you are ready for the adventure.

What are you waiting for ? Book your game session clicking here.

New game in Pisa: The Toy Factory

Beginning next weekend a new adventure is available in Pisa: “The Toy Store”.


A thrilling challenge, designed by an old man who got rich with his toy store empire. He never married and had no children. In his testament he wrote down that his stores would go to the first persons who would solve a secret game he had created during his last years of life.

You will be chained in a room and have to escape before one our has passed. Be warned: during his life the man loved surprising and fooling everyone with his tricks. You’ll have to solve puzzles in creative and collaborative ways. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Book your game session on Pisa’s web site.

New venue in Ragusa

With great enthusiasm we announce we will soon be opening the second venue of Adventure Rooms in Sicily, in the wonderful little town of Ragusa.

Follow us to be updated on the games and the opening date!


“The Collector” – new “mini” game in Catania

A new “mini” adventure available in Catania: “The Collector”. The game is actually hosted in the shopping mall “Centro Sicilia”, but can easily be moved to other venues.

A brutal serial killer captures his victims and brings them into his shed to seviziate and kill them. But the killer is also a psychopath collector of trophies. No one has ever come out alive from his hut to tell what he loves to collect. You have been captured and handcuffed. The killer will come back in 20 minutes to kill you. Will you be able to get away in time?

Book your game session on Catania web site

Soon in Ancona

Marche region will soon have its own Adventure Rooms!

Later this summer will open our venue in Ancona, in an area easy to reach from the center and from the highway.

The venue will have the availability of three games, with interesting news also for the little ones!

Follow us to be updated on the games and the opening date!

New venue in Rome

With great satisfaction we announce the opening of the first venue of Adventure Rooms in Rome.

The opening is expected by the end of summer, in the Tiburtina district, in a place easily reachable by car or by public transport.

The venue will have the availability of three games and will host a timeless classic and new exciting adventures.

Follow us to be updated on the games and the opening date!

Opened our venue in Perugia

Yesterday, April 21, 2016, we inaugurated our new venue of Perugia, within the Borgonovo entertainment center.

This is currently our largest venue, almost 300 square meters dedicated to the reception and the games area which can accommodate three adventures!

Already available two of our classics: the Original Challenge (the Mad Scientist) and the Black Queen. Two exciting and thrilling adventures that are sure to excite our players.

Marica and Elisa, our two Game Masters, await you to let you try this new and exciting gaming experience. What are you waiting for? Book your adventure in Perugia!

Opened the second venue in Catania

On Friday, April 15 we inaugurated our second location in the center of Catania.

An exciting new adventure awaits you: “Escape from the mental clinic”, a thrilling challenge which requires insight, logic and courage. If you want to survive!

As always it was done a great job to create a setting that will surely surprise and original and fun puzzles that will test your skills.

What are you waiting for? Book now your adventure!