Great success for the new game about Leonardo da Vinci

The new adventure,  set in a secret lab of Leonardo da Vinci, has been inaugurated on March 28 in Florence.

The first players have appreciated the great work done in the construction of the sets and the originality of the puzzles, all set and integrated with the paintings, the works and the inventions of the great artist.

Leonardo loved to keep secret his findings and he hid his greatest invention in the depths of this secret laboratory. Will you be able to overcome the challenges that Leonardo himself prepared to ensure that no one could find his invention? Are you ready for this exciting adventure in the Leonardo’s secret lab?

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New venue in Perugia

With great enthusiasm we announce the opening of the first venue of Adventure Rooms in Umbria, in the wonderful city of Perugia.

The venue will open to the public within a very few weeks, within the Borgonovo entertainment center, with the availability of three games.

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