100% Original Games

Since 2012 Adventure Rooms ideas and creates its own puzzles and game concepts. Our games are 100% original and the creative work of a dedicated and international team that has developed and tested them in different contexts and application scenarios.

We believe that a healthy and fair competition enriches the market and could be an inspiration for continuous improvement.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same, as we know that some competitors have replicated our puzzle within their games.

We never will.

Opening in Pisa

From today, December 27th 2015, our new location in Pisa is open to the public. Currently you can play the “Original Challenge”, the first adventure created by Adventure Rooms, which has moved from Florence to Pisa, but soon two new and exciting adventures will be available !

The first players have already ventured into the challenge; what are you waiting for? Reserve your game session on the Pisa website.

The Original Challenge moves to Pisa

In anticipation of the opening of our new venue in Pisa, you can play the Original Challenge in Florence only until next January 9th. The game will then be closed to allow us to install a new, exciting adventure, which will shortly be announced. You can continue playing the Original Challenge at the venue of Pisa.

The “Black Queen” opens in Catania

The “Back Queen” will open in Catania next 5th December 2015. It’s the same game also available in Florence, but will show an “horror” thematization.

You will have 60 minutes of time to free yourself and escape. But it will not be easy: the Queen has prepared for you a really exciting challenge, where you will have to use 4 of your senses in order to succeed: sight, touch, hearing and smell, you will need them all if you want to solve the puzzles that await you and escape the room. Sharpen your mind but also your senses, and as always collaborate !
Do you accept the challenge of the Queen ?

Book your game session on Catania’s web site.