“Space Odyssey” opens in Bologna

Our second game in Bologna, “Space Odyssey”, will open on 29th November 2015.

The space ship on which you had boarded broke down . The countdown of 60 minutes started. Everything is going to explode !
The only solution left is to complete a series of difficult tasks in order to access the rescue ship, but the trip computer is out of order and the available time is ticking !
You just have to rely on your manual ability and with the help of your crew you may be able to return to Earth !
Arrives in Bologna the second intriguing Adventure Rooms challenge ! We are waiting for you!

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Maker for Tech Lab Wanted

Tech Lab

Adventure Rooms autonomously develops all scenarios and the puzzle of its adventures. In order to maintain its leadership position in the market, the company decided to invest in the creation of a technological laboratory to experiment the use of different technologies for the construction of infrastructure, interactive puzzles, special effects and scenery. The laboratory will be built in Italy and operate in an international context. At the moment we can not tell you much more, but we will soon publish news and updates on this topic.