2nd International Meeting in Cyprus

On 22-25 October 2015 was held in Cyprus the 2nd International Meeting of Adventure Rooms.

With more than 40 venues in over 20 countries around the world, Adventure Rooms is a leader in its market and builds on the experience gained in the various countries to continue to grow and innovate.

The conferences are a unique experience to share the know -how and develop common factor experiences, best practices, market analysis, but also to discuss and decide strategies, new game concepts, new technologies, innovative elements of the game.

The conference in Cyprus was particularly rich in content and a harbinger of great news.

First day in Pavia

Today it’s the opening day for our venue in Pavia. The first groups tried the new game “Theft to the Art Gallery” and attempted the shot of life: to steal the “Mona Lisa”. Only a few have succeeded, but all of them came out enthusiastic and enjoyed. Some game situations, innovative in the panorama of escape room games, have proven really hilarious and funny, both for the players and for the same game-masters. We await you in Pavia, you can book directly on the site http://pavia.adventurerooms.it . The venue will shortly open another fun game, this time set in a “real ” medieval prison.

First Opening Day in Bologna

From Saturday, October 3rd, our Bologna venue is open to the public!
The first day was intense and exciting, several groups of players have addressed the asylum, all have come out excited, even though tested by the challenges that the psychopathic inhabitant of the place had reserved for them.
What do you expect? Manuela, Stefano, Claudio and Marco are waiting for you to personally experience an adventure definitely intense and fun!
To book go to the Bologna Website.