New venue in Pisa

With great enthusiasm and pleasure we announce the opening of the second venue of Adventure Rooms in Tuscany.

By the end of the year, Adventure Rooms Pisa will be operational, in the city center, with space for three games.

Follow us to be updated on the games and the opening date !

Opening in Pavia

Next 17 October 2015 we will open to the public our new venue in Pavia.
Two new exiting adventures await you. You will also experiment new game modes which will surely surprise you!


The famous painting “La Gioconda” is exposed for a few days in an exclusive private art gallery of the town. By day the masterpiece is monitored on sight , but at night is kept in a safe . A single guard remains in surveillance and you have found a way to sneak inside the gallery. Can you get to the safe, not to be captured by the guardian, and steal the famous painting ? Are you ready to take the challenge ?

hooded criminal stalking in the shadows of a dark street alley


You’re guilty of a heinous crime, you have been captured and imprisoned in this fetid medieval prison, awaiting your execution. You are handcuffed in a cell, the iron bars of the prison seem invulnerable, but there must be a way to be able to escape before they come to pick you up for the execution.
A big challenge awaits you: refine your logic, collaborate and try to escape !


Visit Pavia‘s web site. Bookings are already open!

Opening in Bologna

Next 3 October 2015 we will open to the public our new venue in Bologna.
A new thrilling and misterius adventure awaits you:


That old mental clinic had to be abandoned for years, but has instead become a refuge for a young psychopath . You found her secret, but she have captured you and is not going to leave you escape to reveal to the world where she lives. Now you must face an exciting challenge. She has granted 60 minutes to you, what will happen next ? What has her sick mind prepared for you ? You know you are being tested. And you’ll have to face the challenge with insight, logic and courage. If you want to survive !

Note: The game does not present any element of fear.

Young insane woman with straitjacket looking at camera close-up portrait
But that’s not all! The big venue of Bologna can host two more adventures, which we are actually developing. We’ll keep you informed!

By now visit Bologna‘s web site. Bookings are already open!