1st International Meeting

It was held in Switzerland, since April 23th to April 26th, the first AdventureRooms International Meeting. Speakers came from all over the the world and it has been an extraordinary opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss strategies, future developments, projects in the pipeline. Many are the ideas that we shared and the activites that we have started. We talked about thematizations, technology, interesting new puzzles, websites. Expect great news for the future, such as the new generation of adventures, which we intend to launch as soon as possible also on the Italian territory. We cannot anticipate a lot more, but we will keep you updated.

The Team of the GameMasters

“La Pausa” talks about us

The e-magazine “La Pausa” writes about Adventure Room in Florence with a nice article. To read it follow the link  http://issuu.com/lapausa/docs/la_pausa21 and go to pages 68-69.