Before starting: develop your lateral thinking and your creativity

Before submitting to you our riddles, some strategies that will help you solve them. The pillars of lateral thinking and it is worth putting them into practice every day.

The Life is full of problems, sometimes so absurd that we do not know how to deal with them. You  Do not make so much reliance on logic. The People are chaos of emotions. You Begin to see situations from different points of view.

Develop your imagination, maximize your potential and start looking beyond what your eyes see. Think of other possibilities, situations, data, evaluations, compare and think again. There is never a single option.  Abandon prejudices, and accept the challenges. Be original without the fear of being judged. Forget labels and stereotypes.

The information in your possession will not be decisive, but clues to which sum up elaborate assumptions, creative ideas, and intuitions. Follow your instincts, without being afraid of making mistakes. The advice is to avoid following the most obvious and logical way. More originality, more creativity exploited, the better!

“Lateral Thinking” and creativity.

The notion of “lateral thinking” for the first time in the 1990s is supported by the psychologist Edward de Bono.

Today, this methodology of thinking and reasoning is increasingly esteemed, essential for an educational point of view.

When you find yourself faced with a problem, you get to the most obvious answer, without other solutions that could be more useful. These are times when stress and anxiety stop our thinking and creativity in our everyday activities.

To refine this thought, we have decided to propose you in the near future original and funny riddles that you will make to see the problems from a different perspective.
How about trying to solve them?

What mean Team Building?

Team Building is a set of activities and procedures that are used to interact with a team of people in order to improve the team work skills. These activities can be educational and training, but also experiential or simply fun.

The Team Building can be used in the field:

_ school to improve the understanding of the class, or between class and teacher;

_ company to motivate and encourage team work, improve communication and collaboration;

_  friendship to create team spirit;

The most common variety of team building is undoubtedly the corporate event, where the training activities are used to facilitate the achievement of business objectives.

What are the possible goals of a real action Adventure Rooms?

Making people know not invasive way, create relationships, collaborate, increase trust, motivate a workgroup, and create cohesion.

Our activities can facilitate communication, stimulate creativity, raise leadership, educate, developing empathy and listening, communicating mission and business values, to evaluate the potential and attitudes, approach management and operational staff. These are just some of the goals that can be pursued.